• Hours

8-4 Monday through Friday.

  • Staff

Michael  Mills
Director / Inspector / Sprayer

Tom Gressman
Sprayer / Inspector 

Glenda Smith
Office Manager

  • Board of Commissioners 

Joanne E. Semmer, Chairman 239-470-4993

email: jj37a@yahoo.com

Steven A. Johnson, Treasurer 630-880-1023

email:  SAJOHNSON311@gmail.com

William H. Semmer, Secretary 239-994-1671

email:  fmbmosquitocontrolsec@gmail.com

  • General Information

The Fort Myers Beach Mosquito Control has been at 300 Lazy Way, FMB since it became a district by Referendum election on July 12, 1949 . We take care of 25 square miles. We have two trucks mounted with a Pro-Mist U.L.V. machine for spraying adult mosquitoes.